Hard Rock Church - 707 Overhill Rd. San Antonio, TX. 78228 - 210.212.4007

Imagine a church where the bible is used and taught line by line; where the pastor preaches a non-compromised gospel; and where classic reformed theology still matters.
Welcome to the Hard Rock Church!
The HRC doesn't have the bells and whistles like other BIG churches do, meaning we don't have a ministry for every little thing. So that's where YOU come in. Introducing the opportunity you've been praying for. You see, anyone can go to church and just sit down, but not everyone will come to church and make a difference. If you believe you are someone who can, and if you desire to be used by God in the body of Christ, then we're the right place for you.
We are actively praying that God brings people who truly want to roll up their sleeves and get busy doing His work on Earth. People with talents and the drive to develop and use them.
We're a small community of believers from all walks of life, some of us are moms, dads, musicians, artists, professionals, grandparents, and children; who all share a common thread in worshiping Jesus Christ! You're welcome to be part of this community.
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