Hard Rock Church - 707 Overhill Dr. San Antonio, TX. 78228 - 210.212.4007

The Coronavirus has interrupted everyone's way of life lately so for the time being we'll be live streaming all of our services.

To log on to our live stream from a computer or laptop 1). go to bluejeans.com. 2). click on Join Meeting at the upper right hand side of your screen. 3). the Meeting ID is: 708 342 6480. You don't need a passcode, type your first name then Enter Meeting.

To log on with your tablet or smartphone go to your APP store and download (free): BlueJeans Video Conferencing and open the APP. 1). click on Join a Meeting or Event. 2). under the Meeting ID type in 708 342 6480. 3). click on App Audio & Video or Dial-in Audio.

Live Streamed services will be Sunday's at 2pm and Wednesday's at 7pm. Review our online Calendar for more info.