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The Hard Rock Church has several outreach branches online, please visit them and get to know each and every aspect of the HRC. Also, be sure to visit our Links page as there are plenty of valuable resources for you to glean from. Enjoy
The Pastors Study >> Click Here
If you're looking to dive deep into the word this is the place to go. Pastor Roland has compiled a list of top study materials, links that will lead you to the best stuff on the internet. Strong, conservative and biblically accurate material awaits you. It a good thing to know that you can browse and study here knowing that the material is solid.
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From A to Z and all points in between the HRC links page is ever growing. The resources one can glean from this page is almost unending. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
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Social networking at its finest. Be sure to log on and enjoy. Get to know the people of the HRC and make some new friends. We look forward to meeting you. God bless & happy surfing =)
The Deeper Study >> Click Here
The DS2020 meets every 4th Sunday at 4pm. The focus of this study is to explore the depths of scripture. Feel free to join us for our next adventure.