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Servant Staff
Pastor Roland Gloria Jr.
In December of 2005 Pastor Roland Gloria pioneered the Hard Rock Church after serving 10 years at My Friends House Christian Fellowship, the last 3 as Singles Pastor under the direction of Pastor Albert Belton, Pastor Tyrone Christian and Professor Van Gill (of International Bible College), he was ordained in 2003 before that congregation. Pastor Roland still continues his education through the Masters Seminary Online.
Pastor Roland has been married to the love of his life, Lady Elizabeth Gloria since October 2006 and together have a daughter named Sarah. MORE
Lady Elizabeth Gloria
Lady Elizabeth Gloria is the Vice-President on the Board of Directors, serves in the music ministry and is the Director of the Children's Church ministry. She has been married to Pastor Roland since October 2006 and have their daughter Sarah together.
Sis. Anna Wallace
Sis. Anna Wallace is the Secretary on the Board of Directors, and is the director of the Lords Closet Outreach Ministry. Learn more about TLC here: Lords Closet. 
Associate Pastor, Albert Wallace
Pastor Albert Wallace serves in several ministries of the church, he's been an evangelist for several years and preaches the gospel at the Hard Rock Church from time to time. We are quite blessed to have him in our family. He is currently enrolled in the School of Biblical Evangelism.
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